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Andrew Do Trail of Corruption (No Text).



Pay to Play Allegations, Taxpayer money used for self-promotion, and an ongoing investigation into his political appointments

Andrew Do: He's Just Like Donald Trump

Trump Republican Andrew Do Investigated For Money Laundering 

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The California FPPC announced in October 2020 that it was opening up an investigation into Andrew Do for potentially engaging in illegal money laundering, with the Orange County Republican Party allegedly acting as an intermediary to skirt campaign contribution limits. 1 

Trump Republican Andrew Do Hires Staffers Accused of Money Laundering 

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Andrew Do’s campaign treasurer and chief of staff were involved with a 2010 campaign that pled guilty to laundering $65,000 in campaign money – with both officials refusing to cooperate with investigators, blowing off interviews that they were subpoenaed to appear at. 2 

Trump Republican Andrew Do Cut Public Health Funding While Using Taxpayer Funds For His Personal Gain

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Do spent nearly $250,000 of County taxpayer money to hire the same consultants who work on his political campaign to send out the mailers, while at the same time he was cutting the County budgets for public health protection and other essential local services. 3

Trump Republican Andrew Do Hires Cronies To Do Jobs They’re Unqualified For

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Andrew Do was investigated by State Officials for allegedly breaking the law by influencing decisions on government contracts with lobbyists who gave maximum contributions to his re-election campaign. 4 

Trump Republican Andrew Do Got Caught Misappropriating Taxpayer Dollars For His Own Personal Gain

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Andrew Do got caught using taxpayer money to send nearly 1.2 million mailers to targeted voters ahead of his last reelection campaign, which ethics watchdogs called “inappropriate,” “troubling,” and “offensive.” 5 

Trump Republican Andrew Do Is Hiding Something

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Andrew Do voted to needlessly destroy government emails and text messages two years after they’re sent or received. 6 

Trump Republican Andrew Do Engages In Pay To Play

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Andrew Do secretly filed a motion to appoint a paid lobbyist to sit on the County’s Airport Commission, triggering calls for an investigation for appointing someone with a financial motive to make policy.7 

If Andrew Do is willing to bend and break the law just like Trump, can we really trust him to work for us on the Board of Supervisors?


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