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During The COVID-19 Crisis, Trump Republican Andrew Do Failed Orange County

Trump Republican Andrew Do Cut Critical Public Health Funding When People Needed It The Most

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Andrew Do cut funding for the County Public Health Department, leaving us unprepared and vulnerable to the virus. 1 

Trump Republican Andrew Do Dismissed The Importance Of Masks While Orange County Residents Were Dying

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Andrew Do ignored the strong guidance of public health professionals and caved to anti-mask protestors by dropping the County’s mask requirement, then failed to put a testing program in place, which led to the rapid spread of COVID in our community. 2 

As Businesses Were Shuttering, Trump Republican Andrew Do Delayed The Delivery Of Critical Aid

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When the Board of Supervisors was given $15 million to help businesses 3 and save jobs in our community, it took Andrew Do four months just to start spending any of it. 4  

Silent on Trump Spreading Misinformation

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When Donald Trump said the coronavirus would go away or that people should try bleach and untested cures, Andrew Do was silent and let the conspiracy theories grow.5  

Trump Republican Andrew Do Enabled The Bullying Of OC's Top Medical Professionals, Causing Them To Resign

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Andrew Do failed to stand up to the bullying of OC public health officials, which resulted in three of them resigning from their post, including county health officer Nichole Quick. 6 

Endangered Public Health With His Appointments

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Do’s hand-picked appointment to replace Quick also received questions about his qualifications because he received his PHD from an online university accused of being a “fraudulent degree mill.” 7 

Trump Republican Andrew Do is failing Orange County.

Now, over a thousand lives have been lost in Orange County, businesses and schools are closed, and jobs are lost forever. It’s time for change.


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