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Andrew Do misleads the public about where he lives, then ducks tough issues by not showing up for meetings.

Trump Republican Andrew Do Lying About Where He Lives

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Andrew Do has been investigated by law enforcement agencies for not actually living in our community, but instead in a mansion in North Tustin, far away from the constituents he serves. 1

Trump Republican Andrew Do Failing to Lead

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On the County’s Sanctuary City policy and $2 million homeless settlement, Andrew Do walked away and didn’t even cast a vote.2

No Show Do: Just Like Donald Trump

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And in a single year, Andrew Do skipped 10 out of the 12 meetings of the County’s Mental Health Board. 3

Trump Republican Andrew Do Lying About His Background

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And this isn’t the first time. Do also resigned from his seat on the Garden Grove City Council amid allegations that he lied about his residency4

Misleading The Public About His Trumpian Ties

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Andrew Do pretends to be a moderate, but as an Orange County Republican Committee leader, Do is a hardcore Republican extremist and Donald Trump loyalist who pays to have his campaign linked to Trump. Do also hired 5 Donald Trump’s fundraising consultants — the same people Trump uses to raise millions. 6

We need a representative on the Board of Supervisors who actually lives here and is invested in our community.


We can’t count on Andrew Do to be there when we need him.


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